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The Current Needs |

1. Food donation:

With many children suffering from hunger in this place, we believe feed a kid program is an essential part of the solution for alleviating hunger and improving food security. Through training, sharing of best practices, building relationships with the regional food programs in these Districts, leveraging our resources, and bringing together these communities, Ebenezer African Hearts is ensuring churches are using the powerful solution of food banking to feed the hungry.
In a typical Capacity Building Project, Ebenezer African Hearts provides training to the churches food banks and give the Pastors knowledge and advice on how to involve the church members in feeding the hungry kids around their area of reach.
The Ebenezer African Hearts staff members may occasionally participate in various meetings and planning discussions remotely. The ministry Development Team may also make visits to assist with key deliberations and/or meetings as needed. In-country champions and key church leaders of the food bank programs are also encouraged to attend the Food Bank Leadership Institute to equip them with the necessary knowledge to assist with Ebenezer African Hearts work in their Districts. We work collaboratively to see that hungry kids in the village and in Schools are provided with food.

Hunger is the regional’s greatest solvable problem !
Be a part of the solution today by lending your support to the area of greatest need. Give a gift that will nourish a child's body and brighten their future. Whether through school meals, disaster relief, or supporting mother and child health and nutrition in the critical first 1000 days of life, your contributions are enabling us to reach those in need around Mwanza region. Together, we can solve hunger.

2. Bible donations:

Ebenezer African Hearts has a need for Bibles for men in recovery at our outreach Mission facility department. We would greatly appreciate donations of Bibles. NIV translation preferred. Large-print Bibles are also helpful. You can donate Bibles by dropping them off at our ministry Headquarter or ship them directly to Ebenezer African Hearts Organization PO BOX ……….. Mwanza-Tanzania, East Africa or contact us:

Thank you !

3. Computer donations:

Ebenezer African Hearts Ministries currently has a need for PC's for ministry use, Desktop computers for youth trainings with Core Duo and above. If you have a computer to donate, please call (+255) 764211499 or Email us:

4. Clothing Donation:

Your clothing donation will help young poor kids who wear rags at cold weathers as most of them are in the street and homeless! Did you know that Ebenezer African Hearts Ministries accepts donations of clothing of any kind throughout the year ?
In addition to providing clothing to those in need through our cloth a child program, we also pray and visit them every time to share our loves with them.
No matter what happens to your shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, etc., once you donate them to Ebenezer African Hearts Ministries, you can know you’re making a difference !!

Clothing donations can be dropped off at or shipped to our Community Outreach Center at Ebenezer African Hearts Organization PO BOX ……….. Mwanza-Tanzania, East Africa or contact as:

We pray for you and for Gods provision and we will be blessed by donations from people like you to fund our work helping children suffering with Malaria, kwashiorkor, Bilharzia, HIV/AIDS Dental problems, eye infection and anemia. Without your support, many of these children would receive no curative treatment and worse still, no palliative care.
Thank you for your support.

How Your Money Helps:

Here’s how your money really does make a difference:

Relatively small levels of funding can make a significant and sustainable difference !

  1. $10 will pay for the child and care giver's meals
  2. $25 will pay for a child and caregiver's transport to travel to and from hospital for chemotherapy
  3. $50 will buy food and support for the family and siblings who stay at home
  4. $100 will cover all accommodation and care expenses for the child and caregiver to live at home.
  5. $250 will provide palliative care for a child with an incurable cancer and HIV/AIDS, including nursing care and bereavement support.
  6. $500 will fund the total cost of treating including drugs taking him/her to a good local school and care.

Contribute to Ebenezer African Hearts Ministry

Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that you give, it shall be measured to you again.
If God has placed in your heart to sow a seed, you can do so by calling or writing to our office for a list of payment options.
Your donation will help hungry people receive fresh, nutritious produce – something they can’t easily afford, but need to ensure their health and well-being. Thank you for your support!

Donate Online :

Donate by cheque:

You can mail your travelers cheque, made payable to Ebenezer African Hearts Organization to:

		The Ebenezer African Hearts Organization (EAHO)
		PO BOX 934, Mwanza 
		Tanzania. United Republic of, East Africa

Or to:
		Mail check or money orders to: 
		Shreve Ministries 
		P.O. Box 4260 
		Cleveland, TN 37320

Donate to Ebenezer African Hearts through Mobile Money transfer:
• Mobile number Account: +255764211499 (Tanzania)
• Mobile number Account: +256752989540 (Uganda)
• Mobile number Account: +254723405876 (Kenya)

Donate Through Your Will:

Have you included Society of Ebenezer African Hearts in your estate plans? By including EAHO in your will, you will be able to leave a legacy of feeding many more hungry people in years to come. If you or your financial advisor would like more information, Please ask them to contact the ministry Executive Director at +255764211499 or through Electrical mail:

Questions ? Please call us at: +255764211499.
Ebenezer African Hearts accepts donations from around the world; however we are not able to issue tax receipts except in Tanzania. For a U.S. tax receipt you could send your missions offering to Mike Shreve Ministries in Cleveland, TN (info below). Please visit our ministry website for further information.
Mike Shreve, has been trusted for his endless spiritual and physical support towards transforming the people of Africa. As one of the friends of Ebenezer African Hearts, he devoted his time and even life to see that our ministry grow. In that, our ministry in Africa entrusted him with the responsibility of receiving any support from outside Africa on behalf of the Ebenezer African Hearts..

Please pray, listen and do what God speaks to your heart.

We hope to hear from you soon. EAHO take the covenant of partnership very seriously, and we wholeheartedly cherish our divine connection with our partners. We are in the business of genuinely loving people. That is why we do not think of our partners as just names in a database; they are family!

Prayerfully consider becoming a partner.

Let’s impact the lives of many by saturating the world with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ as we unite the church and validate the claims of the Gospel with compassionate works.
As a partner with Mike Shreve Ministries, every soul that is saved and every life that is changed through this ministry will be credited to your heavenly account. That is the essence of true partnership. So let’s get busy with kingdom business. Join the Ebenezer African Hearts today!
Your fellow servants,
Jerald Malamba
Founder, Executive Director
Ebenezer African Hearts Organization

For friends outside Africa:

    Donation Methods
  1. To donate Online via PayPal, simply click here.
  2. Call Mike Shreve’s office between of the hours of 9:30AM to 5PM EST Mon-Fri at 423-478-2843 to donate by Visa or MasterCard.
  3. Mail check or money orders to: 
    				Shreve Ministries 
    				P.O. Box 4260 
    				Cleveland, TN 37320